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PNG Review – GTA IV, The Lost and Damned

Lost M.C. for life, mother fuckers!

Publisher:  Rockstar Games
Developer:  Rockstar North
MSRP: $19.99

Grade: A-

Of all the big triple-A game franchises out there, none seem to polarize gamers as much as the Grand Theft Auto series does.  It has a huge following – Grand Theft Auto IV alone recently was reported to have shipped 13 million copies.  That’s a whole lot of games, and the power of this brand can’t be denied.  Sales aside, however, there seems to be two distinct camps when it comes to these games – GTA lovers and GTA haters.  I’ll preface this review by stating that I am definitely in the former, but that I can certainly understand the latter and I hope that I can use this perspective to show in this review why the recent downloadable expansion, The Lost and Damned, is worth playing.

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Live from New York, its Saturday afternoon!


Saw this on W.34th and couldn’t resist a pic.