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PNG Audiophile – It’s Like Mario 2

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PNG Audiophile – It’s Like Mario 2 Happy Friday, PNG Fans!  On this week’s shocking rendition of the PNG Audiophile, we discuss the latest games that are rocking the entertainment industry.  We rap about [PROTOTYPE], Mario 2, Left 4 Dead, … Continue reading

PNG Daily 4/30/09: Mow Down Undead for Free!

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If for some reason you’ve yet to try out Left 4 Dead and you have a PC capable of running it, you might want to open up your client and preload it for tomorrow.  Valve is declaring tomorrow Freaky Friday and allowing you to download and play Left 4 Dead for free for 24 hours starting at 12:01am.  This includes all of the updates and the recently released Survival Pack. 

In a relatively slow news day where at I’m at home ill, I’m willing to grab anything to pop up here.  Did you know people still play Ultima Online?  The almost 12 year old isometric online MMO is getting a new expansion called Stygian Abyss according to Massively.com.


PNG Audiophile: Those Poor Horses

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PNG Audiophile – Those Poor Horses Happy Friday, everyone!  On today’s moderately rambling podcast, we talk about the dubious origins of the pegasus, Left 4 Dead’s Survival pack, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, UFC 2009, Dead Space, … Continue reading

PNG Daily 4/21/09: It’s a Satisfying Type of Torture

Seriously F*ed in the A

We here at PNG love us some Left 4 Dead and can’t wait to get our hands on the new DLC that dropped today for both PC and Xbox 360.  We’re a little late to the party about posting this, but the graph above can be found at the Left 4 Dead Blog and shows the spawn times for different zombies in the new Survivor Mode.  Word is that the best time around Valve is a little over 9 minutes.  Just try to Imagine: 14:24 seconds.

More Fallout 3 news today.  A bunch of screens for the Broken Steel content have dropped all over the net but I’ll link you to MTV Multiplayer.  There’s a lot of good infomation in there with the best morsel being how they decided to handle stripping away the ending of the game in it’s original state so you can play the DLC.  It’s scheduled to drop May 5th.

A little while ago, oh say back in January, a Harmonix employee may have accidentally let slip that there would be a Lego Rock Band game coming out during a slide presentation.  It appears that it is a rumor no more.  Harmonix and Traveller’s Tales have officially announce Lego Rock Band for Holiday 2009.  It’s, um, Rock Band with Legos that will be geared more toward familys and give you the ability to build your avatars with Lego bricks.  Click the link to go to 1up’s article and see a sample list of 5 songs to be included in the game.

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PNG Daily 3/23/09: Bring Out Your Dead


Welcome back PNG’ers.  It’s been a long weekend of Peggle, Resident Evil 5, and Warhammer Online so I am glad to be here typing up this very special Daily for you.  Well, it’s not so much special as much as it’s just chock full of creamy game news goodness. 

Awhile back I informed you that Gabe Newell was going to make it rain with some free downloadable content for the PC and Xbox 360 version of Left 4 Dead.  Gabe Newell has finally proclaimed the day he shall make it rain, and that date is April 21st per Joystiq.  He is both a saint and a sage.

Steve Jackson Games has a post up on their Daily Illuminator letting us gamers that enjoy some tabletop gaming in the vein of an FPS know that FRAG Gold Edition has arrived in their warehouses and will ship out next week.  Notable changes from the original version is the board is solid instead of being a folding glossy piece of paper, figures are now plastic instead of being folding cardboard pictures in plastic bases, 18 dice, and dry erase character sheets!  In my opinion, this is well worth the $49.95 and I’ll be hoping they have a copy at Gencon.

Rockstar Games has finally confirmed that there will be a Max Payne 3 and even gave it a launch window of Winter 2009.  The post is on their slick website under the games tab.

Run, don’t walk, over to Steam if you’ve been looking to play Assasin’s Creed on PC and want to only pay $10.  It’s Ubisoft week over there and they are offering a deep discount on a different game each day.  Look for updates at Ubi’s publisher page here or in your Steam client.

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PNG Audiophile: These Horses Have Armor

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Check out the one piece of DLC you’ll never regret downloading – the Pixels and Grids Audiophile! Today we talk a bit about Resident Evil 5, Bioshock 2, Left 4 Dead, The Lost and Damned, and have a round table … Continue reading

PNG’s Got Game 3/9/09: Left 4 Dead


Let the record show that we here at PNG loathe the undead, so much so that it might be unhealthy.  We’d like to share this unhealthy obsession by possibly shooting/ripping your face off in a friendly versus match of Left 4 Dead in our very first PNG’s Got Game session.   If you have the 360 version of Left 4 Dead and want to get down with some zombie and survivor slaying action with some of the PNG crew, add my gamertag (xMidnightxEyesx) to your friends list and be on the look out around 10pm eastern time for a chance to either murder or be murdered.