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PNG Review: Little King’s Story

A Wii Little King is he Publisher: XSeed

Developer: Town Factory and Cing

MSRP: 49.99

Grade: A

I was asked by the US Government, NATO, NAACP, NAFTA, United Nations, Republic of China, and the NRA to share my thoughts on what we all think is the biggest Issue facing our respective Countries, and Organizations.  They have commissioned me to write an article depiciting the horrible attrocities that we are all share no matter what we represent, or where we come from.  It’s a plague on humanity, a Black Death if you will, that affects us all.  Grab a cup of coffee, and prepare yourself for an article that will shake the very ground you walk on, and make other issues like “Army recruitment Video Game Centers” a thing of the past.  That’s child’s play to this.

I’m talking about Little King’s Story for the Wii.  Yeah, terrifying isn’t it?  We need you, as people of world, to stand in unison, throw away your petty differences and join together.  We must all play this game, and help put a stop to Shovel-Ware once and for all.  This game is great.  It exceeds initial impressions and expectations, and is a treasure to behold on a system with such a small list of good games.

This is our fight, Welcome to Earth!

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PNG Bro-down Episode 29 – The Dads You Always Wanted

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PNG Bro-down Episode 29 – The Dads You Always Wanted It’s that time again, PNG fans!  Just like a loving and supportive father figure, we here at Pixels and Grids take pride in delivering quality audio content to you in … Continue reading