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PNG Daily 5/11/09: Don’t Stop Believin’

sirvindieselWell this is a first.  Sure we’ve seen games based on movies.  We’ve even seen movies based on games.  However, I’m fairly definitely positive we’ve never seen a movie based on a game that was supposed to be based on the same movie only the movie never came out but now it will because of the game.  Normally something that complicated would have surely ripped open a hole in time and space.  Luckily though (I can only assume) we were saved at the zero hour by this site’s all time favorite human being, none other than Sir Vin Diesel. 

Turns out Wheelman, starring our chiseled savior, is going to be a movie after all and be directed by John Singleton.  Originally, the game was supposed to coincide with a movie of the same name, however the movie ended up being canned while the game still came out as planned to lukewarm reviews.  This was a no-brainer as Vin Diesel + movie + cars = crap ton o’ cash

Details on a new Tony Hawk game are expected soon.  Score another win for my crystal ball!  It looks as if Activision has used the previously unheard of two year layoff to change things up a bit.  So much so that apparently you won’t be using a controller to play the game if you believe GameTrailers’ Geoff Keighley who says you are “not going to be playing Tony Hawk with a controller in your hands.”  Could be that this one is a Wii exclusive that will be using the Wii Fit balance board.  More likely though is that Activision is crafting a skateboard peripheral for the 360 and PS3 crowds.  We’ll find out May 15th. 

Speaking of Activision, looks like they’ll be combining two of my favorite things in the whole wide world:  Modern Warfare and LeBron James.  World premier gameplay footage of the newest Call of Duty… errr Modern Warfare 2 will drop during the NBA Eastern Conference finals.  Perhaps the first look at this year’s sure to be best seller is the only thing that could possibly upstage my Cleveland Cavaliers.

We’ll leave you with a couple videos that have surfaced that should not be viewed at work or in front of younglings.  The first is from the fine folks at BioWare.  It shows off some gameplay for Dragon Age Origins to the sounds of a potty mouthed Marilyn Manson.  Curious.

Second, and this is hard to watch, actual honest to goodness Duke Nukem Forever gameplay footage.  It was one thing to know this game was never coming out when I didn’t think they were actually making it in the first place. but to think they might have actually had something going (according to former 3D Realms employee Bryan Brewer) just breaks my heart.  (Caution:  Boobs)

And, what the hell, I’ll give you the 15 appetizing seconds of Modern Warfare 2 that wets the appetite for the official world premier.

You can find all three videos after the break. 

Outtie 5 billionty

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