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PNG Review: Wheelman





Publisher:  Ubisoft, Midway
Developer:  Midway Studios Newcastle, Tigon
MSRP:  $59.99 (PS3, Xbox 360), $49.99 (PC)

Grade:  C






After playing the demo for Wheelman, I was convinced that I would buy this game.  It had speed, explosions, fast cars, and Vin Diesel, the current apple of PNG’s eye.  It was looking like it for fans such as us, starting with the week of Wheelman’s release, we were about to get more of our deep gravelly voiced hero than we could handle with 3 straight weeks of Diesel.  So I dove into the game on launch day with a personal sized frozen pizza, a glass of wine, and Wheelman.
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Will the recession kill video games part 3


In part one I discussed the video game industy as a whole, as well as the fate of the big 3 hardware manufacturers.  Part two examined the relatively rosey outlook for the industry’s two biggest software publishers:  Electronic Arts and Activision/Blizzard.  In part three we’ll take a look at more of gaming’s publishers.  They all speak loudly, but who will carry a big stick?

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