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PNG Daily 5/6/2009: Zerg Rush Battle.net

This isn't your Korean cousin's Starcraft, son

We unfortunately have to break that tabletop RPG Daily chain we’ve had going this week.  No news was quite as big today as Blizzard opening up enrollment to beg to get into the upcoming Starcraft II beta.  The link is to a Giant Bomb article that kindly points out that one of the requirements is that you own a Blizzard game tied to your Battle.net account. 

My Google feeds weren’t entirely unkind to the world of grids today though.  Wizards of the Coast has a few stat block previews from their upcoming Monster Manual 2 that you can find on their facebook page.  So far they have put up blocks for the iron dragon, clay golem, and warforge resounder.

I wish certain parts of posts could be tagged, because this certainly deserves to be filed under “WTF?”.  Kotaku is reporting that the Atari Jaguar will be getting a new game called Mad Bodies this year.  It is described as a Break-Out style shooter that has been in development for 6 years.  Following the maze of links from Kotaku to their source who in turn got it from another source will get you to the game’s home page.  It looks like they’re taking orders for the first run.