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OnLive Turns Laptops Into Super Computers

Holy bloody f-ing hell.  I have seen the future of gaming.  Who says nothing interesting happened at GDC?  Screw flying cars,  to hell with space exploration, given today’s news I’ll never want to go outside again. 

Thanks to seven years of research and hard work, the good folks at OnLive have MacGyver’d this very inexpensive laptop I’m typing on as… well, I type, into a tricked out rig capable of running Crysis, or any other game you can throw at it, at the highest settings.  How you ask?  Surely nothing short of the black arts can make such a dream possible.

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PNG Daily 3/19/09: In Diesel We Trust

Yo girl, let me get dat gamertag...

Yo girl, let me get dat gamertag...

Here at PNG, we just don’t know how to let our obsession with celebrity created or backed video games go.  We ranted and raved about 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, and we have yet to fully begin our massive marketing push for Chronicles of Riddick:  Assault on Dark Athena.  Much like Mr. Cent, Vin’s got your back when it comes to punching and stabbing your friends online.  Check out 1up’s article here about how he let Starbreeze know what’s up.

As my “internet sifter” has been most unkind with grids news, you’ll have to settle for some digital grids information.  1Up has a post up giving the low down on Hasbro Family Game Night that hit Xbox Live on Wednesday with a ballsy catch.  The shell can be downloaded for free, but each of the four games it launched with cost $10 a piece (800 MS points).  It seems to have struck a nerve with our fellow bloggers out there as there as it seems a bit much to be charging for Yahtzee.  However, if these games support online play, it’s way better than spending the $5 – $8 on their board or card counter parts just to have it sit in a closet most of the time.

Kotaku has some numbers out for Resident Evil 5’s sales numbers out in Europe over the weekend.  Apparently Bono is going to be pissed.

Speaking of numbers and on a completely unrelated note, I think Duke Nukem Forever is coming out this year.

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PNG Daily 3/10/09: Do You Have the List?


Take Two laid out their list of titles coming out in 2009 and Kotaku has said list over here.  As they point out, you’ll notice a lack of definite platforms listed for Bioshock 2.  This might cause one to engage in speculation.  If I were one to partake in said speculation, I would say that it might just be a timed console exclusive for the Xbox 360 like the original.  What do I know though, right?

Tabletop Gaming has a couple articles about Privateer Press’ minature game gems, Hordes and Warmachine.  This one details their release schedule for July 2009 (it’s actually for June if you go to Privateer’s website look it up).  This other post should be a bit more of an interest to the Warmachine and Hordes iPhone users out there.  It’s about a free army builder application available through iTunes.  I got a chance to demo Hordes a couple years back and it was a lot of fun.  If I had to compare it to something , I would say it’s a step between WizKids clicks games and Warhammer.  It was easy enough for a beginner to pick up on the basic rules and have fun playing while still having a bit more rules and strategy for a seasoned minis veteran.

Lastly, Joystiq and 1up have posts up about The Behemoth (developers of Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid) announcing a new game next week.  Let’s hope it doesn’t come out 2 years from now with broken online multiplayer like their last release.  I kid because I care Castle Crashers, you know I love you baby.

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PNG Daily 3/9/09: Can’t Stop the Body Rock


I’ve taken the liberty of playing James’ high school English Teacher.  -Logan

There is a dearth (dearth means a scarcity or lack of, it sounds like you are trying to say just the opposite of that) of news concerning one of my own personal most anticipated game of 2k9, Resident Evil 5.  1up is reporting that not online is the campaign co-op (what?), but the mini-game, Mercenaries, will also be online for the 360 (huh?).   Joystiq has a tip that 5 lucky people that who buy RE5 at Game Crazy will win a trip to the haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium.   And finally, Kotaku is reporting(insert space here)that Capcom will announce a new game at the official RE5 release party at Union Square Gamestop in San Francisco.  Speculation is that it’s probably going to be a Code Veronica remake for the Wii.

Onto the typical week ahead that I so enjoy letting you in on here at PNG.  Logan planning on getting serious this week with a review of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand and a possible editorial.  Jim should have a review of the GTA IV DLC The Lost and Damned.  I’m hoping to get and editorial up concerning Games for Windows – Live along with a First Impressions of Quake Live, the free web based version of Quake 3/Quake Arena.  In addition, I might try to convince Logan to play a couple of co-op missions and multiplayer maps on Dawn of War 2 for a short review on that.  Finally, we are probably going to get some author bio pages up by the end of the week.

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World of Goo is STEAM’s Crazy Weekend Sale


If you couldn’t justify spending $20 on World of Goo, boy does STEAM have a deal for you!  There is no way you can’t not buy this game for $5, and if you don’t, you hate freedom.  Pick it up in your STEAM client or you can buy it off of their website here.  I played the demo when it was released and immediately fell in love with the game.  I’ve been holding off on buying it as I’ve had so much other stuff to play, but this is a price that demands I pick it up now so I can play it later.  Jim did it with Prey and he’s still waiting!

PNG Daily 3/5/09: Pixels, Pixels, Pixels


BioWare for the most part can do no wrong.  Information on Dragon Age Origins has been trickling out for quite awhile now, but Kotaku has a post up with about 5 new screen shots.  Bioware also announced that they are releasing a graphic novel for the backstory of the game.  I got a chance to see this game in action at Gencon ’08 when Bioware was doing limited showings in the dealer hall and it is nothing short of jaw dropping.  I can only imagine what they’ve done with it so far!

2K Games and Take Two are starting the hype train for Bioshock 2.  You’ll find a story about the new site that was launched a picture of a poster stapled to a telephone pole that points the said site over here

Batman: Arkham Asylum is joining the ranks of Fallout 3 and Dawn of War 2 on Games for Windows – Live per this article from Joystiq.  Let’s hope that more triple A titles jump on that wagon so Microsoft will make the entire thing a little more functional like it’s console counter part.  This means the game will allow you to be logged on to your gamertag, earn gamerscore points by unlocking achievements, and send messages to friends on Live.

We’ll be recording our podcast tonight and will probably stick to every thursday night from here on out.  Expect it to be posted either in the wee hours of the morning or tomorrow afternoon.  Also, we’d like you to head on over to our facebook group if you have an account and join.  You’ll find our link over to the side.  I’d like it if you left us some feedback each week on what you’d like us to talk about. 

Finally, we’ve added a little link on the sidebar that directs you to Digg.  If you like our editorials, podcasts, or nonsense posts, please feel free to submit them to Digg. 

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Into The Pitt Goes Into Your Achievements


I apologize for the size of the picture but I wanted everybody to see what has just appeared in my gamerscore profile for Fallout 3.  Wonder what that means?

PNG Daily 3/4/09: Boy, Have We Got a Deal For You!



The feeds dished me up some news on some crazy sales today.  Allow me to put some bullet points up for you.  Kotaku has a list of EA games that are getting what appears to be permanent price drops.  Two titles really stand out on this list and that is Dead Space for $50 and Mirror’s Edge for $40, both spectacular critically acclaimed titles that just didn’t get those oh so tough holiday sales EA was expecting.  Joystiq is reporting that Microsoft is running a limited time promotion for Xbox Silver members that will allow them to upgrade to Gold for a year for $39.99 instead of the usual $49.99.  It is sad that Amazon has actually been doing Microsoft one better… one month better that is.  You can pick up a 13 month subscription card from Amazon for $39.99 with free supersaver shipping here.  Finally, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is on sale for $19.99 as Amazon’s deal of the day per Kotaku.  It’ll probably come to around $25 with shipping unless you decide to get something else that will push the actual purchase over $25 to nab that supersaver shipping.  If you’re one of the precious new adopters of our website, check out our review and see if you can spare some change for a game that was good enough to buy at it’s original price.

BoardGameNews.com continues to wrap up some details of specific game publishers releases at the 2009 New York Toy Fair.  What caught my eye was the little blurb about what Looney Labs is coming out with.  I am an avid fan of Are you a Werewolf but getting at least 8 people together to play it can sometimes be a chore.  Five people sounds a bit more manageable however.

Kotaku digs deep and possibly gives Jeff a little bit of hope about Wii Motion Plus’ release date.  An EA rep might have spilled a bean or two when it mentioned that they’re new tennis game will utilize the adapter that is scheduled to be out before their game’s release date of 6/18/09.  Read between those lines Jeff.

You should probably be grabbing the new Chronicles of Riddick:  Escape from Dark Athena demo off of Xbox Live right now by the way.  It just hit today and a couple of us should have some impressions up either on the site or in the podcast tomorrow.

Hit this link for the most ridiculous 13 mins or so that I’ve ever spent watching a video courtesy of Giant Bomb.  You’ll find it towards the bottom of the post. 

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PNG Daily 3/3/2009: Sure, Pick up a Sixer and Come on by


It’s all about the Grids in this daily today kids!

It is a known fact that the PNG Crew gets down with Cthulhu every Thursday night for our podcasts.  Our close friendship with the elder thing causes us to squeal in girlish delight whenever we see his visage in any form.  Fantasy Flight is preying on our weakness and announced a 6 pack of these adorable little mini’s hitting hobby and game shops near you in April.

Boardgame News has a heartwarming editorial up about a two player match between a father and daughter where it goes into what their strategies are.  The interesting part about this isn’t necessarily the editorial, but the fact that they were playing a game that requires three players with only two.  You can grab the alternate rules from BoardGameGeek.com here.  It’s the beauty of the Grids we so love in general, that we’re not confined by the directions in the instructions and are free to tweak them to make the games more enjoyable for us!  You could say that certain Pixels like Little Big Planet allow you ultimate freedom, but that’s still only to an extent.  There simply isn’t the space, time, or money to allow complete freedom in a video game.

This one is for all of you HeroClix fans out there.  TabletopGamingNews.com has a post up that points to a blog post over at SaveHeroClix.com that should give you hope.  Topps basically shut down Wizkids back in November of ’08 and left all of their properties in limbo.  The old brand manager took some of those employees, formed a new company called Pinata Games and has been trying to get Hero Clix from them ever since.  It appears that not only has Mr. Jake Theis almost clinched a deal for Hero Clix from Topps, but may have nabbed the rights for some other Wizkids IP not yet named.

Last part of this loooong daily post is a thanks to all of the new people swarming the site along with the commenters.  I hope you enjoy all the work we’ve been putting into the content and the constant refining of the site design by Jim Bradford and Logan Persons.   Please be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed that you will find to the sidebar on the right if you’ve been picking up what we’re putting down.

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PNG Daily 3/2/09: You chug it to get charged

who knows it might actually be better this way

Gamer Fuel™, Gamer Grub™, and now… Gillette Fusion Power Gamer™ razors.  Seriously?  I’m already not the first to comment on this, but I feel like I would be doing our readership a disservice by not acknowledging it.  So Gillette has decided that the surface of a gamer’s face is less like that of a regular person and perhaps more like that of… I don’t know… the Agro Crag (Agro meaning aggressive, Crag meaning rock.  That is one aggressive rock.  Now, let’s go to Mo for the scores.  MO!).  So what’s the difference between the Gillette Fusion Power and the Gillette Fusion Power Gamer?  The packaging.  That’s it.  Seriously.  I looked.  It is the same razor as its non-“gamer” counterpart, though possibly less “one three three seven”.  More ranting after the break.

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