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PNG Daily 4/8/09: It’s Real, and It’s After Your Sanity

Jeff pretty much covered the major news of the day and I’m happy for it as playing 4 or 5 hours of playing the board game Arkam Horror and then getting 3 hours of sleep will turn a man’s brain to mush.  So much so, that I almost thought this post by Kotaku was a joke.  No my dear PNG’ers, this game is as real as a boat.  There is a can’t miss video for the game that you’ll find after the break or by going to the Kotaku post.

Days of Wonder Online has officially launched!  I can now be quiet about it until I give it a whirl.  Check out the details here.

I will now retire to regain my sanity and leave you with the promised 80’s Stalin Techno Dance Party after the break.
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PNG Poll: We Need to Knock Dave Down a Peg

Download the podcast here and have at it!


PNG Audiophile: The G-Unit is Waiting for You

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PNG talks about what we’ve been playing, Microsoft laying down the banhammer, and The Guinness Book of World Records’ list of most influential console games.  Logan shares his love for Orisinal games which we borrow one of the game’s music … Continue reading

The 30 Most Obnoxious VG Stock Photos

Where the fuck are your priorities man?!

Where the **** are your priorities man?!

So I ran across this thanks to the folks at the-minusworld.com and they posted a set of 30 pictures “apparently” used for marketing purposes.  I almost can’t say I believe any of this, especially in 2009 when two guys are holding a Super NES controller in their hands; However, the pictures are great, and the captions are even better… Now I must get back to my discothequing.


PNG Audiophile: You’re the Best Around Ryu!

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I grovel before you for forgiveness about the audio quality and advise that you do not turn this up very loud due to audio spikes.  I assure you that the next episode will be a bit more balanced with less … Continue reading


PNG Audiophile: Unspeakable Words Playthrough & Review

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We done did it again.  You’ll find here in the soft underbelly of this post a recorded evening of madness, intrigue, and drunken e-mails that clocks in at about 42 mins.  We apologize for the quality as it was recorded off of … Continue reading

PNG Daily 2/16/09: A Quick Look into the Week


Just a quick glimpse into what we’ll be bringing you this week at PNG.  Jim might get his editorial up concerning “achievements” in games, I should have a First Impressions article up concerning Star Wars: Saga Edition, Logan should get part 2 of his first impressions of Exodus up.  and the site will have it’s first podcast up that was recorded on Friday the 13th.  It’s a playthrough and review of Unspeakable Words , a scrabble type card game that themed with the H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu mythos.  I’m just trying to figure out how I want to go about hosting the audio files and getting a feed up.  Keep a look out!

Outtie 5k.

PNG Daily 2/14/09: PNG is on a Boat Every Weekend


Just putting up an arbitrary post to keep to the daily idea.  I believe that we may not post these on the weekends due to lack of news so hit the break for an amazing video that is NSFW that we believe everybody needs to see.
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