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PNG Daily 4/23/09: It Should Be Illegal

Cosplay Fever!

Picture a cocaine dusted crack rock with a creamy heroin center.  You got that?  Alright, now picture Peggle for free inside of World of Warcraft.  You should be getting the same picture of you huddled in a corner in your underwear weeping silently after selling your cat to pay your WoW monthly fees.  Is it sad that I want to subscribe to WoW or start a trial just to play the 12 new themed stages complete with earnable talents?  It is, isn’t it?  At least I’m not thinking of purchasing this!

While we’ve only been ranting and raving about the core Arkham Horror boardgame on our weekly podcast, there are many expansions that we have yet to pick up and play.  Fantasy Flight is running a preview of an expansion to Arkham Horror called Innsmouth Horror set to release in May.  The first preview shows a sample story card that is meant to enhance the story of each investigator.  If you satisfy the conditions on the card you are granted some sort of bonus.  If you fail however, you get some sort of penalty.  The second preview has a sample card of a new Ancient One you can fight.

A couple of us here at PNG remember when Battlefield 1942 used to be hot.  We used to throw LAN parties and blaze our guns from sunset to sunrise.  Recently EA announced that they’d be releasing 3 updated maps from Battlefield 1942 over Xbox Live calling it Battlefield 1943.  Kotaku has a post up with a launch window of June and a pricepoint of $15 for Battlefield 1943.  What really grabs me from this post is that they’re stating it’s being built with the Frostbyte Engine from Battlefield: Bad Company.  It’s going to be interesting playing those maps all over again in a destructible environment. 

We’ll be recording another episode of our weekly podcast tonight.  If there’s anything you’d like us to talk about or you have a comment you’d like us to read while we’re recording, fire an e-mail off to png@pixelsandgrids.com.  If you get it to us before 9:30, we’ll be sure to read it!