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PNG Review – Splinter Cell: Conviction (PC)

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

MSRP: $59.99
Grade: B+

Splinter Cell has always been one of those games that I wanted to play but could never get into.  I game both the original Splinter Cell and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow a shot and wasn’t a fan of the way the game played.  I suppose you could chalk it up to me being young and impatient as the game required a lot of sneaking and avoiding enemies.  It was the only alternative to Metal Gear for tactical espionage action.  Steam had a super sale a week or so ago where you could purchase every Splinter Cell (with the exception of Pandora Tomorrow) for the low low price of around $45.  This included the deluxe edition of Conviction which costs around $64.99 regularly.  I figured why not give it another go… and I’m glad I did!

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PNG Daily 3/6/2009: How Awesome? So Awesome!


So how awesome are Mike Krahulik/Gabe (left) and Jerry Holkins/Tycho (right) of Penny Arcade fame?  So awesome that the Washington State Senate passed a resolution telling them how baller they  are.  It honors them for their site being 10 years old, launching the Penny Arcade Expo, and the insane amount of money and toys they raised with Child’s Play for sick little kiddies in hospitals.  Congrats guys, you are totally dope!

That’s all the news I’m going to give you today as the PNG crew is so beat from recording the recent podcast late into this morning.  You’ll find that podcast a few posts down from here and over in the podcast feed to the right.  Enjoy your weekend and get your pixels and grids on.

Outtie 5k