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PNG Daily 3/9/09: Can’t Stop the Body Rock


I’ve taken the liberty of playing James’ high school English Teacher.  -Logan

There is a dearth (dearth means a scarcity or lack of, it sounds like you are trying to say just the opposite of that) of news concerning one of my own personal most anticipated game of 2k9, Resident Evil 5.  1up is reporting that not online is the campaign co-op (what?), but the mini-game, Mercenaries, will also be online for the 360 (huh?).   Joystiq has a tip that 5 lucky people that who buy RE5 at Game Crazy will win a trip to the haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium.   And finally, Kotaku is reporting(insert space here)that Capcom will announce a new game at the official RE5 release party at Union Square Gamestop in San Francisco.  Speculation is that it’s probably going to be a Code Veronica remake for the Wii.

Onto the typical week ahead that I so enjoy letting you in on here at PNG.  Logan planning on getting serious this week with a review of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand and a possible editorial.  Jim should have a review of the GTA IV DLC The Lost and Damned.  I’m hoping to get and editorial up concerning Games for Windows – Live along with a First Impressions of Quake Live, the free web based version of Quake 3/Quake Arena.  In addition, I might try to convince Logan to play a couple of co-op missions and multiplayer maps on Dawn of War 2 for a short review on that.  Finally, we are probably going to get some author bio pages up by the end of the week.

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PNG Daily 3/6/2009: How Awesome? So Awesome!


So how awesome are Mike Krahulik/Gabe (left) and Jerry Holkins/Tycho (right) of Penny Arcade fame?  So awesome that the Washington State Senate passed a resolution telling them how baller they  are.  It honors them for their site being 10 years old, launching the Penny Arcade Expo, and the insane amount of money and toys they raised with Child’s Play for sick little kiddies in hospitals.  Congrats guys, you are totally dope!

That’s all the news I’m going to give you today as the PNG crew is so beat from recording the recent podcast late into this morning.  You’ll find that podcast a few posts down from here and over in the podcast feed to the right.  Enjoy your weekend and get your pixels and grids on.

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PNG Daily 3/5/09: Pixels, Pixels, Pixels


BioWare for the most part can do no wrong.  Information on Dragon Age Origins has been trickling out for quite awhile now, but Kotaku has a post up with about 5 new screen shots.  Bioware also announced that they are releasing a graphic novel for the backstory of the game.  I got a chance to see this game in action at Gencon ’08 when Bioware was doing limited showings in the dealer hall and it is nothing short of jaw dropping.  I can only imagine what they’ve done with it so far!

2K Games and Take Two are starting the hype train for Bioshock 2.  You’ll find a story about the new site that was launched a picture of a poster stapled to a telephone pole that points the said site over here

Batman: Arkham Asylum is joining the ranks of Fallout 3 and Dawn of War 2 on Games for Windows – Live per this article from Joystiq.  Let’s hope that more triple A titles jump on that wagon so Microsoft will make the entire thing a little more functional like it’s console counter part.  This means the game will allow you to be logged on to your gamertag, earn gamerscore points by unlocking achievements, and send messages to friends on Live.

We’ll be recording our podcast tonight and will probably stick to every thursday night from here on out.  Expect it to be posted either in the wee hours of the morning or tomorrow afternoon.  Also, we’d like you to head on over to our facebook group if you have an account and join.  You’ll find our link over to the side.  I’d like it if you left us some feedback each week on what you’d like us to talk about. 

Finally, we’ve added a little link on the sidebar that directs you to Digg.  If you like our editorials, podcasts, or nonsense posts, please feel free to submit them to Digg. 

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PNG Daily 3/4/09: Boy, Have We Got a Deal For You!



The feeds dished me up some news on some crazy sales today.  Allow me to put some bullet points up for you.  Kotaku has a list of EA games that are getting what appears to be permanent price drops.  Two titles really stand out on this list and that is Dead Space for $50 and Mirror’s Edge for $40, both spectacular critically acclaimed titles that just didn’t get those oh so tough holiday sales EA was expecting.  Joystiq is reporting that Microsoft is running a limited time promotion for Xbox Silver members that will allow them to upgrade to Gold for a year for $39.99 instead of the usual $49.99.  It is sad that Amazon has actually been doing Microsoft one better… one month better that is.  You can pick up a 13 month subscription card from Amazon for $39.99 with free supersaver shipping here.  Finally, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is on sale for $19.99 as Amazon’s deal of the day per Kotaku.  It’ll probably come to around $25 with shipping unless you decide to get something else that will push the actual purchase over $25 to nab that supersaver shipping.  If you’re one of the precious new adopters of our website, check out our review and see if you can spare some change for a game that was good enough to buy at it’s original price.

BoardGameNews.com continues to wrap up some details of specific game publishers releases at the 2009 New York Toy Fair.  What caught my eye was the little blurb about what Looney Labs is coming out with.  I am an avid fan of Are you a Werewolf but getting at least 8 people together to play it can sometimes be a chore.  Five people sounds a bit more manageable however.

Kotaku digs deep and possibly gives Jeff a little bit of hope about Wii Motion Plus’ release date.  An EA rep might have spilled a bean or two when it mentioned that they’re new tennis game will utilize the adapter that is scheduled to be out before their game’s release date of 6/18/09.  Read between those lines Jeff.

You should probably be grabbing the new Chronicles of Riddick:  Escape from Dark Athena demo off of Xbox Live right now by the way.  It just hit today and a couple of us should have some impressions up either on the site or in the podcast tomorrow.

Hit this link for the most ridiculous 13 mins or so that I’ve ever spent watching a video courtesy of Giant Bomb.  You’ll find it towards the bottom of the post. 

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PNG Daily 3/2/09: You chug it to get charged

who knows it might actually be better this way

Gamer Fuel™, Gamer Grub™, and now… Gillette Fusion Power Gamer™ razors.  Seriously?  I’m already not the first to comment on this, but I feel like I would be doing our readership a disservice by not acknowledging it.  So Gillette has decided that the surface of a gamer’s face is less like that of a regular person and perhaps more like that of… I don’t know… the Agro Crag (Agro meaning aggressive, Crag meaning rock.  That is one aggressive rock.  Now, let’s go to Mo for the scores.  MO!).  So what’s the difference between the Gillette Fusion Power and the Gillette Fusion Power Gamer?  The packaging.  That’s it.  Seriously.  I looked.  It is the same razor as its non-“gamer” counterpart, though possibly less “one three three seven”.  More ranting after the break.

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PNG Daily 2/27/09: My, What Lovely… Tendrils?


I’m not entirely sure what you call those things on Twilek’s heads.  Kotaku and Joystiq posted about Bioware releasing the first issue of an Old Republic online comic, which will be issued on a bi-weekly basis.  I’m a sucker for the Old Republic setting in Star Wars as I even run that era in our weekly Star Wars tabletop game.  Check out either source for a link to the comic and see what those wily Sith are up to!

Fantasy Flight Games has a little editorial up about the role of Conan in their upcoming Age of Conan board game.  Pretty neat stuff.  I just wonder if there will be dancing and scantily clad women like in the MMO.

Be sure to grab our podcast off of iTunes, Zune Marketplace, or any of the other suggested podcast players via our RSS feed on the sidebar.  Audio quality is much better and we talk about stuff that matters in the world of video games.

And finally, a little T&A courtesy of Kotaku to take us into the weekend.  You’ll find some screenshots of wood elf and chaos cheerleaders for the upcoming Warhammer tactical sports game, Blood Bowl.   Have at it!

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I saw this trial for Warhammer Online on Fileplanet last night when I was looking to see if there was some sort of new fangled patch for Call of Duty 4, but Kotaku ran with it in a way that I just have to agree with.  So Mythic, I know your game is good and so does everybody else that’s played it.  It was last reported that you have over 300,000 subscribers and that’s pretty awesome.  However, if you want a chunk of that 10 million subscriber base that the current overlord of all MMO’s has, you’re going to have to sweeten the pot a little bit.  Dust off a couple of those servers that you had when the game first launched for your initial 1 million subscribers and let everyone and their mother do crazy good PVP for a couple weeks for free.  You’re game is good and if you let people have that first taste for free, much like crack, they’ll come back for more.

In obscure card gaming news, I found a site that lets you play quite a few of Looney Labs games for free online.  They made games like FLUXX, Aquarius, Treehouse, and (one of my personal favorites) Are You a Werewolf.  This should not discourage you in any way from actually purchasing their games, as they are very good and nothing can replace sitting around with eight people and playing a game of Are You a Werewolf.

In site news, WordPress now allows comment threading.  This means you’ll be able to directly reply to another commentor and should make that section more readable.  The podcast is now listed in iTunes and Zune Marketplace but be aware that I have removed the most recent podcast for a few reasons.  First is the obvious terrible audio quality and second is how incredibly offensive it would seem to anybody that didn’t personally know us.  We’re still new at this and we have to realize that this isn’t just for us.  Many apologies!

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PNG Daily 2/24/09: I Found It!


There muh skull!

The day has come and Mr. Cent has been grabbing some headlines.   Joystiq has a bit of coverage ranging from threats over a conference call to an actual reviewJoystiq and Kotaku are also reporting he wants to make a movie out of Saints Row.  Is there anything this man can’t do?

Much to my dismay, I should probably post some other items that don’t involve Fiddy.  Left 4 Dead got patched on the 360 that should bring it up to snuff with the PC version in terms of balance.  You can find the respective posts here and here.  But that’s not the best news for Left 4 Dead fans by a long shot.  It turns out that the game got it’s own little parody care of the adult film industry.  Zoey apparently gets her swerve on with some undead hotness.  You get diseases that way.  And shame.

And finally, Fantasy Flight Games released their convention schedule for this year and it appears that they won’t be partying it up at Origins this year.

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PNG Daily 2/23/09: Bowie Tells us What’s Up


Roughly one month into the creation of this blog and I believe we’re getting into what one would call a flow.  This week might unveil Jim Bradford’s opinion on achievements and Logan Person’s second first impressions.  I will most likely vent a little bit about Game for Windows -Live and have a review on the single player campaign of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II for PC.  We welcome Kyle Boddy into the fold as our resident Magic: The Gathering expert in addition to Josh Sabol who should have an article about the arms race between game masters and player characters on the table tops of war. 

There might be two Audiophile’s this week.  One should be in the format that was put out this weekend, and the other hopefully a playthrough and review of Arkam Horror. 

The biggest news today is of course that PNG’s 2009 Game of the Year comes out this week.  Whure muh skull?

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PNG Daily 2/20/09: Riddick Hunts our Hearts, Eats them Like Birthday Cake


A couple of links to some trailers for you today.  First is courtesy of Kotaku of Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena.  I’m a huge fan of first person games that you do something else besides shoot, and especially if that’s replaced with poking things with sharp objects.  I blame it on my heritage.

Next, Capcom released a new trailer for Resident Evil 5 that is embedded in this Joystiq post.  It teases so hard that he knows the girl in the glowing eyed bird face mask.  I’m just drawing names here, but I only recall Chris being in 2 games with females and they were Rebecca, Jill Valentine, and his sister Claire.  So who could it be, hmmm?  Speculate!

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