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This Week On Pixels and Grids…

PNG is blue like candy!

This week, Pixels and Grids is all about the audio experience.  In addition to the PNG Bro-Down, we will be interviewing a few people in the tabletop RPG business.  First we have Jess Hartley, an author and game developer currently working for White Wolf.  You can find her list of contributions and books at her website here.  Last and certainly not least, we’ll have a chat with Chris Pramas of Green Ronin Publishing and designer of the new Dragon Age tabletop RPG.  Most of us are waist deep in Bioware’s dark fantasy epic and are itching to hear more news on the tabletop version!

Have any burning questions you would like to ask either of our special guests this week?  Feel free to comment here, email us (png@pixelsandgrids.com), leave us a Skype message (PixelsAndGrids), or leave us a voicemail at 216-367-9088.  

okay, it’s really final this time!

Logan and I have finally put the finishing touches on the PNG logo.  I think his 3D text looks fantastic up there, don’t you guys?

Hot New PNG Logo

Well, I finished the new PNG logo.  What do you think, Internet?

I also created a Facebook group.  The Pixels and Grids Defense Force. Check that out, too!

You are using Facebook, right?  MySpace?  It’s so 2003.

Here’s the new podcast logo, too:

PNG Podcast Logo

What’s that?  You don’t listen to the podcast?

Well correct that.