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So You Want to Do a Podcast?

Hi kids,

In lieu of writing my post for the day, I thought I’d record a quick video outlining the simple process we use to record our podcast every week.

The program I talk about in the video, Audacity, can be found here, for the low low price of zero dollars.  One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that it’s best to record the audio in Mono, rather than Stereo, to keep the file size low since the dual channel audio isn’t needed.

Hope anyone out there looking to start up a ‘cast of their own finds this useful!

Everclear Podcast Delay

Everclear was an excellent decision

We know you usually look forward to our booming and informative voices every Friday morning, but due to the consumption of some extraordinarily powerful sauce, the podcast will be up later than usual on Friday.  We apologize for the delay and promise it will never happen again… probably… hopefully.

PNG Daily 4/15/09: If You Haven’t Filed Your Taxes You Shouldn’t Be Reading This


An oddly slow day for news besides FF XIII demo videos  popping up on the net as reported by Jim Bradford.  There were a couple gems of news out there though.  Before I get to those diamonds in the rough, I’d like to take this time to remind you that we record a podcast every Thursday night.  With this in mind and Thursday being tomorrow, we’d like to solicit your help to talk about stuff that interests you, our lovely readers.  So please either comment on this post or send us an e-mail to png@pixelsandgrids.com with a topic or question you would like us to discuss!  We prefer it be gaming related, but we’re up for anything. 

Now, onward to the Daily!

The single player demo for Dawn of War II just popped up on Steam and they are celebrating in a big way.  If our review wasn’t enough to sway you, be sure to pick up the demo and decide if you want to buy it quickly as Steam has discounted the game 25% until April 20th (next monday).  It’s a fantastic game and worth the regular price of $49.99 for the single player alone and a steal at that deep Steam discount.

TabletopGamingNews.com is reporting that a deal for the sale of WizKids assets has failed to close from an article over at ICv2.  I’m assuming the deal was with Pinata Games.  As we reported in one of our PNG Dailys back in the beginning of March, they were trying to acquire WizKids IP like Hero Clix from Topps.  It looks like we’ll have to wait and see who the next suitor is, but rumor is it might be Catalyst.


PNG Audiophile: Babies Can’t Balance

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PNG Audiophile – Babies Can’t Balance Well it’s Friday, and with that comes another episode of the Pixels and Grids Audiophile! On this episode we talk about Mad World, Wheelman, the Nintendo DSi, and Modern Warfare 2. Just don’t Imagine … Continue reading