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ooo, right in the mean bean machine

The fine folks over at Kotaku have made my day.  If a brower based Quake wasn’t to your liking, then perhaps you’ll be pleased to hear that the classic Starsiege: Tribes will also be coming to a browser near you.  Since Tribes brings me back to a younger, happier place, I will be kind and indulge those of you who have failed life enough to not know what I’m talking about.  Tribes is a classic FPS that puts you into 2 teams, each with a base and a flag, straps a jetpack on your back, and hands you your military issued spin fuser.  This was one of the first online games that I can remember that really pushed teamwork etiher in the form of piloting vehicles or using a targeting laser for your Heavy’s mortar. I can’t wait to see how this plays, especially if it will run as well on my netbook as Quake Live does.

PNG Daily 3/13/09: Game for Free Weekend!


Sure there’s probably plenty of news out there today, but today’s PNG Daily is all about a solid titles that you can play for free this weekend on PC to pass some time while your friends are playing RE 5.

Quake Live– I posted about this earlier this week and talked about it on the podcast.  It’s a free browser based version of Quake 3 that runs smoothly even on a netbook.

Unreal 3– Steam is letting you download and play the full title for free this weekend.  They also have it discounted to 40% off bringing the price to a grand total of $11.99 .  You just need to have an account on Steam (it’s free) and download it through the client. 

Warhammer Online– I posted this early in the week, but it should be here also.  Mythic is opening up the floodgates and letting you jump into the first teir of the game for 10 free days of PVP goodness. 

Battle Forge – This is supposed to be some crazy real time strategy and collectible card game hybrid.  It’s currently in open beta and you can download the client by clicking the link.  I’ll be giving this a shot this weekend. 

Orisinal Games– We talked about this on PNG Audiophile Episode 3 (The G-Unit is Waiting for You).  It’s a collection of browser based flash games that are as adorable as they are entertaining.

Enjoy your weekend!

Outtie 5k