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First Impressions: Exodus: Post-Apocalyptic Role Playing: Pt II


I lifted the book up to my face and blew a layer of dust off its surface. I felt like some kind of fictionalized archeologist. It occurred to me, briefly, that I should have replaced the book with something of equal weight, but I quickly dismissed the thought. I found a secluded place and began to pore over its content.

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The Arms Race

Seriously, we didn't make this picture... we found it!

This is a long overdue article, much like everything else on our pretty relaxed (nonexistent) schedule of releasing content other than PNG Daily. It originally started as a five part series, which I’ve condensed down to a single posting with me speaking directly from my ass, with the possibility of additional postings.

The Gamemaster and Player arm’s race.

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First Impressions: Star Wars Saga Edition

My suits so tight!

My suit's so tight!

Star Wars Saga Edition is the third edition of the tabletop RPG released under Wizards of the Coast since 2000.  First thing you’ll notice about this book is that it is square and will be dwarfed by all of your other tomes on your gaming shelf.  I have to give kudos for being bold with the shape of the book as it makes it a little more intriguing than they typical rectangular books, but I have to wag my finger at the fact they reused a lot of the art from previous editions.   That however, is one of only the few transgressions I could find reading through this rulebook.
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First Impressions: Exodus: Post-Apocalyptic Roleplaying: Part I


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been enamored with the Fallout world since its first iteration in 1997, Fallout: a Post-Nuclear Adventure. When its successor, Fallout 2, came out a few years later, I was hooked. Last November, Fallout 3 wasn’t just the icing on the cake, it was a whole new layer…or flavor…or…something else…cake related. And like cake, I devoured these games. I consumed every morsel of dark humor, vivid wasteland, and the immersive story behind it all. But my hunger wasn’t sated. I needed something more. I needed…dice.

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