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Come get some grids

Some of you may already be aware, but DnD Insider is up and running, and probably has been for awhile now.  This is news to me, because between the time of the launch of DnD 4th Edition and today, I grew so tired of waiting for the damn thing to launch, I forgot it ever exisited.  If you haven’t checked it out already, they are offering a free trial for you to tinker with.

To most hardcore fans of Shadowrun (The rabid, frothing at the mouth fundamental lunatics), the setting and spirit of Shadowrun and the 20-sideder mix like a vodka tonic with baking soda. However, there’s always a brave soul willing to weather a night of foaming vomit and try a conversion: the folks at this blog(Chemistry Disclaimer: I’m not actually sure that it would foam before or after ingestion, and I’m not wasting the booze to find out) I gave it a quick once over, and it actually looks like it could work pretty well.  Of course, there are some things I would do differently, but I think it’s a nice start.  I hope it works out for their group. 

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PNG Daily 3/11/09: It’s a Celebration!


Catalyst Game Labs has just announced that Shadowrun turned 20 years old.  Some of you will recognize Shadowrun as an average online multiplayer first person shooter that I believe was the first game to allow PC and console owners to duke it out.  The majority of the staff here know it as one of the big players in the tabletop RPG arena that is an amazing blend of cyberpunk and fantasy in a future dystopian setting.  Click the link above to see the goodies that Catalyst has planned to celebrate that includes a very special edition of the core rulebook.  Josh will be all over this.

Lots of news sites and blogs are reporting that Warhammer Online will be consolidating it’s servers but Giant Bomb goes a bit further by pulling an interesting quote from Mythic’s General Manager, Mark Jacobs.  I’ll agree with Giant Bomb in that the game probably needs it if the population is so spread out.  The game really does thrive when there are a decent amount of people running around to kill each other and do public quests.  I hope that Mr. Jacobs’ quote is wrong and that the game keeps going strong.  Let it be known though that they have opened up the free trial to people that are not fileplanet members while still leaving it capped a bit.  You only have access to the Tier 1 areas and capitol cities.  Give it a shot, you might like it!

So let me try this again.  In my PNG Daily post on monday, I made a complete mess of a sentence that was supposed to mention Resident Evil 5’s Mercenaries mode was confirmed to have online capability for the Xbox 360.  The intertubes are now reporting that trophies for the PS3 online modes have been leaked and Kotaku has the list here.  Capcom appears to be going all out with the online multiplayer for this game and I’m excited to see how it goes.  We also have word that some stores in the Cleveland area have been breaking street date on the title.  Calls to these rumored stores have not turned up any treasure as of yet.

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