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Singularity Caught in Modern Warfare’s Path O’ Destruction

It's an Undead Dance PartySo this is important right?  Activision announced today that the moderately anticipated release of Singularity won’t be coming this fall as was previously planned.  Instead, they chose to set a target date of Quarter 1 of 2010.  Now, you may be asking why did they decide to do this?  I have that answer for you.

See, when a big game comes out that is expected to bring the dollar’s value back up, beat out the second coming of Christ, or possibly be bigger than any of Michael Bay’s movies, you acquire a dilemma of sorts.  Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is going to be just that.  With an expected target of 11 Million by year’s end your pretty much saying, “This is the biggest game of all time, and everyone else that is releasing anything around this target date that has anything to do with guns, walking, snow, or people might as well take their ball and go home.”  I somewhat agree with them on this front.  Continue reading