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Hot, Fresh, and Crispy Magic: The Gathering 11 Spoilers

We continue to fall into the good graces of the Wizards of the Coasts PR gods and have recieved 3 spoiler cards for the upcoming Magic: The Gathering 11 set.   With Origins in full swing and Gencon just a mere 40 days away, Magic fever should be at an all time high.  What better time to give you a sneak peek of a common, uncommon, and rare you can expect to see in the next set.  As a fan of red/green decks, I couldn’t be happier with Fiery Hellhound and Obstinate Baloth.  While I have been out of the game for quite some time, it seems that the Crystal Ball artifact may find itself right at home in any blue control deck.  Our resident MtG writer, Kyle Boddy, may just have to step in here and let us know exactly how good each card is and where it may find a place in tournament play.  Hit the jump for a complete view of all three cards!
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My Magic the Gathering Rise of the Eldrazi Spoilers, let me show you them!


Oh shit!  Is that an Eldrazi?

We heard you crazy kids liked Magic.  We also heard you really like seeing spoiler cards and artwork, so we got you some.  We have 6 spoiler cards and a bunch of artwork from the upcoming expansion, Rise fo the Eldrazi, after the break.  I must say, it Wizard’s is pumping out some gorgeous and impressive artwork.  This is of course in my professional opinion as a gaming blogger.
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assassin’s creed 2: spoiler alert

take it ezio

It looks like the fine folks at ScrewAttack have managed to get their hands on an early release of Game Informer magazine, and, sure enough, it seems that Assassin’s Creed 2 is the cover story.  Here’s what they have to say about it, after the jump:

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