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PNG Daily 5/4/2009: We Are So Sorry

Paizo bros down after sending Pathfinder off to the presses.

Paizo bros down after sending Pathfinder off to the presses.

Due to some issues with bro’ing down ourselves on Friday, we let our readers down and didn’t get a Daily up.  We promise that it will probably maybe never happen again.

I took the liberty of borrowing the picture for the Daily from Paizo’s own blog post.  They’ve been burning the midnight oil and it appears the 576 page core rulebook for Pathfinder is off to the printers.  I believe it still has an August 13th release date and we’ll be sure to pick up a copy at Gencon ’09 and let you know how it is.  Maybe we’ll do some sexy shots of it right after we grab it from their booth.  Congrats Paizo, Jim Bradford is wetting his pants in excitement.

Stardock has been working hard since easter to get Gas Powered Games’ Demigod up and running reliably for multiplayer matches.  Kotakuhas a post up with some information from Stardock’s President and CEO Brad Wardell stating that Demigod’s network issues should be resolved this week.  To make up for the network issues players have been experiencing since launch, Stardock is giving every person who purchased or purchases the game by May 10th a coupon for half off another copy.

For those of you that haven’t been following the drama between Namco and BottleRocket over the current gen version of the brawler Splatterhouse, you might get a kick out of the little slap fight contained in the links to 1up.  Namco has apparently contracted people that were working on the game at BottleRocket to come on over, pull up a chair, and finish the f*ing game.

I will leave you with this article concerning yet another motion control rumor for Xbox 360 courtesy of Engadget.  What do you guys think?  Is that boat real?

PNG Daily 4/14/09: Doing it Right!

demigod deal

While Kotaku reporting that Gamestop broke Demigod’s release date is interesting, you’ll find something really interesting over at Demigod’s actual homepage.  In addition to coming up with an interesting way of handling DRM with their GOO (courtesy of WIRED’s Gamelife), Stardock seems to be going along the right track with digital distribution.  They are selling the digital copy of the game for $10 less than what you would pay for a physical copy of the game.  While I haven’t been following Demigod closely at all, $40 is well known to be a sweet spot with the staff here at PNG.  Gas Powered Games and Stardock, you guys are doing it so right!

It’s rough in these oh so hard economic times, even more so if you’ve lost your job.  However, if you happen to be interested in being an Assistant Art Coordinator or Marketing Content Coordinator for a traditional gaming company, Fantasy Flight Games is hiring!  The gigs are located in Roseville, Minnasota so you have to either live close by or be willing to relocate probably.

There’s a big rumor making the rounds on the nets about the future of Warhawk.  Sony has registered “Starhawk” and 1up was all over it.  I love me some of the original Warhawk for PS1 and it blows my mind to think of it in space.  After all, space is cool.

PNG Daily 3/31/09: Things That Make You Go Hmmm


The biggest news of the day just makes me want to scratch my head in wonder.  Yesterday, Logan posted toward the end of the Daily that the PS2 was rumored to be getting a price drop down to $99 US American dollars.  This is no longer a rumor.  While a price drop on this timeless and fantastic system is welcome, you kind of have to wonder why it didn’t come just a little bit sooner, just take a look at these numbers over at MTV Multiplayer here.  So now that it’s happened, does it make you want to run out and get another PS2 again?  Jim Bradford may help push you over that cliff later tonight by posting a list of games you might have missed when you got rid of your last gen system.  We shall all follow him like obediant little lemmings.

Good news for those of you that were inconvenienced by recent Dungeons & Dragons Online and Asheron’s Call server downtime.  You’ll find a list of goodies you’ll receive over here at Massively in addition to your recouped lost time.  It’s nice to see a developer of older MMO’s going the extra mile to keep their player base.

If you’ve been playing games or are planning on playing games over at Days of Wonder online, you’ll want to check out this news post by them.  It appears that you no longer get time credit for buying one of their board games to play the games they have available online.  It’s being replaced by a model where you purchase the game you would like to play online and that will give you access till robots enslave mankind.   In addition to this different payment model, they’re upgrading certain online games and adding community content.  This seems like a baller model that other board game companies might want to pay attention to.  If I have the choice of buying a grid version of a game I might play once or twice a year due to lack of players or a digital version that I could play pretty much anytime I want, my option is very clear. 

We didn’t want to risk talking about StarDock’s newly announced DRM, GOO, until there was a little bit more information available on it.  Giant Bomb has an article up here that goes into a good amount of detail and links to where you can get more information.  It seems that if PC games start using this kind of DRM Dave might get his wish, the ability to “trade in” digitally downloaded PC games.

Finally, that poor newly released Fallout 3 content for Xbox 360 just can’t seem to catch a break.  Check out the scoop here at 1up.  It’s apparently causing the game to freeze when you try to access the new content.  Get better little guy, we hope you get over that cold soon.

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