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PNG TGIF 10/23/09 – Killing Floor and Dragon Age: Journeys

Co-op zombie death and destruction

Got a PC and some time to kill this weekend?  Have an unreasonable hatred for the undead?  Well Steam has a deal for you!  This weekend only, the 6 player co-op zombie killing extravaganza called Killing Floor is free to play!  It also appears to be on sale for $14.99 (regularly $19.99) if you find it to be enjoyable and wish to support Tripwire Interactive.  After looking over everything it has to offer, it looks to be pretty tight and very meaty.  I mean, look at the guy with the sword in the picture!

If a flash browser based tactical RPG is more your deal and you’ve been clamoring for any bit of Dragon Age content you can get, you might want to check out Dragon Age: Journeys.  From the little I’ve played, it’s quite interesting and has a simple but pleasing art style.  You can tell right away that they put some serious thought and time into it. 

Have at it PNG’ers and we’ll see you next week!


PNG Daily 5/22/2009: T.G.I.F

You see that jar... it's full of pee.  No lies.

On a long weekend and nice weekend, it’s hard for us to encourage you to stay in and play games, but that’s our job here at Pixels and Grids.  Valve has opened up the floodgates for a free weekend of Team Fortress 2.  If you haven’t tried this game out yet, you owe it to yourself to sap somebody’s sentries and fling jars of “Jarate”.  This is just in time to celebrate the new Spy vs Sniper update.  So fire up steam after grabbing a burger or dog from the grill and get your game on this weekend PNG’ers.