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DriveThruRPG.com Haiti Relief RPG Bundle

What you’re seeing there is the page that currently will greet you when you visit DriveThruRPG.  DriveThruRPG currently has a RPG bundle that is quoted at containing a whopping $1,400 worth of RPG goodness at the meager price of donating $20.  Currently, clicking on that link will take you to the image above indicating the site is down.  This is preventing me from dishing out a few titles to peak your interest in said bundle.  However, I would encourage you to donate in some way towards the cause.  It’s just a perk that you get a ton of gaming stuff with that nice warm fuzzy feeling you get for being an exemplary human being.

EDIT:  It appears to be back up.  Here is the information and product list for the RPG Bundle.  You donate $20 and they will give you a coupon code for the product which I believe is all in PDF format.  Now get out there and give Haiti money!


PNG Daily 4/24/09: T.G.I.F.C. (This Game Is Freakin’ Cheap)

If you don't have the Orange Box yet, you're failing.

Happy Friday, PNG fans!  As the newly-titled Pixels & Grids community manager, I wanted to take a moment today to update everyone on a few developments in the greater PNG family.  And, of course, there’s news of this weekend’s mad gaming deals as well!  Follow me after the break to get the low down.

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PNG Daily 4/10/09: T.G.I.F. (This Game Is Free)

What're you lookin' at, punk?

As is tradition here at Pixels and Grids, today’s post will be about the best deals you can get in gaming just in time for the weekend.  And today, we’re going to start off with a game that, for the next week, will be the best price there is – free.

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