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PNG Bro-Down Episode 38 – It’s Like An Oil Hurricane

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PNG Bro-Down Episode 38 – It’s Like an Oil Hurricane Cast: James & Dave We get back on that oh so special horse we call the PNG Bro-Down and deliver some of the highest quality free entertainment you never really … Continue reading

First Impressions: The Spoils Trading Card Game (TCG)

The SpoilsTechnically, Gencon ‘09 wasn’t my first time to The Spoils rodeo.  My first encounter with this game was back at Gencon ‘06 when Tenacious Games still owned the game and rolled a big ol’ The Spoils RV into the exhibit hall for it’s launch at the convention.  Demoing the game with The Spoils boys and girls netted you a free starter deck in addition to getting a booster pack or two in your convention swag bag.  The demo I received impressed me so much that I immediately signed up for a couple of drafts.  Fast forward a little over a year later and Tenacious Games has lost a ton of money on The Spoils due to some poor business decisions.  The game then gets yoinked up by Arcane Tinmen and plans for a relaunch began.  So has the game lost it’s luster in the transition and downtime, or is it every bit the fun and enjoyable CCG as it was two years ago?  For the low admission price of $5 for a two player starter deck at Gencon ‘09, I was willing to find out.

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PNG Daily 4/28/2009: A Dreamcast Classic

Mega Man vs. Ryu vs. Wolverine

We wanted to mention this during the podcast but it was still a rumor.  Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 will be coming to XBLA and PSN this summer with some fancy filtered graphics and online play (via Kotaku).  PSN should be getting an exclusive demo on April 30th.  This used to be a rare title for both the Dreamcast and the PS2 so most people probably didn’t get a chance to play this superb 2D fighter.  You’ll soon have your chance!

The Spoils is a collectible card game much along the vein of Magic:  The Gathering except, in my opinion, a little bit more hardcore and a whole lot more steampunk.  I got a chance to play it a few years ago at Gencon and proceeded to play in a few booster drafts at that very con.  I had a friend that kept me abreast of the happenings with the game and was eventually told that it folded and wasn’t coming back.  Much to my delight, GamingReport.com has a post up stating that The Spoils is back in full swing and has been brought back from the dead by a company called Arcane Tinmen.

Shacknews has a post up about a huge sale at GamersGate.com on Ubisoft published titles.  There are some pretty good titles in that list for not much coin.  Check it out.