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First Impressions: Red Faction Guerilla Demo


It has been a long time since we’ve gotten our hands on a new Red Faction experience, but that will all change come June.  For those, like myself, that simply cannot wait to begin destroying Mars brick by brick, THQ and Volition Studios has seen fit to throw a one level demo our way, provided you pre-order the game at your local GameStop. 

Red Faction, along with TimeSplitters, helped lay the foundation for the massive popularity of console first-person shooters, a foundation that Halo would cement a short time later.  However, Red Faction had something that Halo and nearly every other shooter has never had until last year’s release of Battlefield: Bad Company, realistic destructible environments.  Not only did it look cool, but it added a level of strategy not yet seen in the genre. 

Guerilla is bringing back the destruction in a big way with their new, retooled Geo-Mod 2 engine.  This time, instead of using quick art swaps like all games that have come before it, RFG is using real-time piece by piece implosions.  I am happy to say it works brilliantly. 

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