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Music Game Sales are hitting a saturation point

If this chart was an equalizer, then both games would have had their volume turned way down

It was bound to happen at some point, and today Gamasutra posted declining sales figures for the two biggest music based games out there… Guitar Hero and Rock Band.  Sales on the two big games are down 49% for the year and while those numbers are to be expected at some point, this seems to be the hardest year for MTV/EA Games and Activision.

Considering this is the biggest year for Guitar Hero so far with around 6 releases ( GH: Metallica, GH: Van Halen, GH: Smash Hits, GH: 5, Band Hero, and DJ Hero), and Rock Band with around 6 releases ( RB Track Pack: Classic Rock, RB Track Pack 2, RB Track Pack Country, RB: Beatles, RB: Unplugged for PSP, and RB: Lego Rock Band), there has never been more content for these games.  So why the declining sales figures?  I think it’s pretty safe to say that in this case more content is not whats going to save this genre, or these franchises.

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