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PNG Daily 5/12/2009: Oh, And Here I thought Meteors Did It

Jurassic Park is one of the best movies ever made... evar!

A slow news day nets you a clever photoshop.  See what I did there?  Valve just announced the Huntsman’s Longbow as part of the upcoming Sniper update for Team Fortress 2.  This weapon will apparently allow you to pin your enemies to a wall (hopefully like the stake gun from Painkiller) and will automatically critical with a head shot.  They go on to explain that if you don’t like the bow as a new weapon, you can ask the dinosaurs how awesome bows were… except you can’t because they’re extinct due to these lethal weapons.  Well played Gabe Newell, well played indeed.

If you like Lord of the Rings Online and free stuff, boy does Turbine have a deal for you!  They want to test the performance of their new hardware and will be giving away new video cards, processor and memory combos, signed copies of LotRO, and 60 gig solid state hard drives just for playing their game for two hours on May 14th.  You might even get away with doing it on a trial account.    Check out the time and details at the link.

I know Jim put up a gameplay trailer for Plants Vs. Zombies on friday, but he neglected to put up the most rediculously awesome music video for the game up.  It’s after the break and if you happen to get addicted to listening to it, e-mail complaints to Jeff.Siefer@pixelsandgrids.com.  He did this to me!
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