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First Impressions: Red Faction Guerilla Demo


It has been a long time since we’ve gotten our hands on a new Red Faction experience, but that will all change come June.  For those, like myself, that simply cannot wait to begin destroying Mars brick by brick, THQ and Volition Studios has seen fit to throw a one level demo our way, provided you pre-order the game at your local GameStop. 

Red Faction, along with TimeSplitters, helped lay the foundation for the massive popularity of console first-person shooters, a foundation that Halo would cement a short time later.  However, Red Faction had something that Halo and nearly every other shooter has never had until last year’s release of Battlefield: Bad Company, realistic destructible environments.  Not only did it look cool, but it added a level of strategy not yet seen in the genre. 

Guerilla is bringing back the destruction in a big way with their new, retooled Geo-Mod 2 engine.  This time, instead of using quick art swaps like all games that have come before it, RFG is using real-time piece by piece implosions.  I am happy to say it works brilliantly. 

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PNG Daily 4/3/09: BEARHAMMER!

I sure wish I had a bear hammer

I sure wish I had a bear hammer

Sometimes April fools jokes take on a life of their own and become so popular, that they have to make them real.  One of my favorite examples of this is the 8-bit tie over at ThinkGeek.com.  Originally an April fools joke, it became such a hit they went and made it a real product and the future dress code standard for PNG when we get an office.  The Ostrich Hammer in Red Faction: Guerrilla is now very close to beating out that tie.  Volition posted it as a joke, but fan approval was so high that it is now going to be an unlockable in the game.  God save you against PETA when they hear about this Volition.  (pulled from Joystiq)

A little bit of disheartening news for Jeff and some other PNG crew members.  I had shot out an e-mail a little bit ago to Cubicle-7 (the site is down for spring cleaning) to see what the “haps” was concerning a release of the Dr. Who tabletop RPG they are putting out.  The official response from one of their representatives is that they currently do not have a confirmed release date.  Spring still has a few months left in it Jeff so hold on to that hope!

If you’ve been following R.U.S.E. like I have recently, you might want to soak up some more info on the deception based RTS over here at Kotaku.  It gives a bit more information about the whole deception aspect of the game.

How would you like to register for PAX East 2010 almost a year early? 

That about wraps it up for the PNG Daily’s this week.  We’ll try harder to keep the site from being a ghost town on the weekends.  I can’t promise anything on my part though as I reinstalled Team Fortress 2 and the Dystopia MOD for Half Life 2.  That’s in addition to demos for FLOCK , And Yet it Moves, and BattleForge.  I have no clue how we still manage to keep girlfriends and wives here!

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