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The Case FOR Video Games as an Army Recruitment Tool Part Two


Wow.  In part one of my article, I asked for your thoughts on a clearly divisive and complicated issue.  Boy did I ever get some.  I heard from you, our loyal readers.  I heard from ex-military vets.  I heard from former recruits.  I even heard from Al-Jazeera!  But, perhaps most notably I heard from fellow PNG’er Pete Irace in the form of his counter-point article:  The Case AGAINST Video Games as an Army Recruitment Tool.

Get ready Pete, this one may go on for a while.

While I respect the amount of research you put into your rebuttal, I can’t help but come away with one overriding impression that I took away from your piece:  disappointment.

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The Case FOR Video Games as an Army Recruitment Tool

Stop it hippies!  You’re fighting the wrong battle.

Let me start by saying I whole heartedly support our country’s right to peaceful protest, which is precisely what hundreds are doing for a second time at the new state of the art $12 million Army Experience Center in Philadelphia. 

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