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PNG Bro-Down Episode 32 – Welcome to Camp Pachter

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 PNG Bro-Down Episode 32 – Welcome to Camp Pachter The drama, the games, the absurd conversations about Michael Pachter… our nemesis.  Join us as we talk about Brutal Legend, Captain Lou Albano, Warhammer: Invasion, and our own entertaining banter that … Continue reading

PNG Gencon Hands On – Warhammer: Invasion

This game is so dope!

I was able to sit down at the Fantasy Flight booth during Gencon for a quick demo of their newest LCG (Living Card Game), Warhammer: Invasion.  Do not consider this a full review, as the game was completely sold out by the middle of the 3rd day of the convention and will not be available until around October.  When the game releases, expect a full review (spoiler alert: It’s fantastic). 

 Set in the Warhammer Fantasy setting, the core set will give you four decks consisting the Empire, Chaos, Dwarf, and Ork factions.  The idea behind Fantasy Flight’s Living Card Game system is that it isn’t necessary to buy any cards beyond this core set.  They will, however, continue to support the game by releasing boosters that will all have the same cards in each pack, a huge difference between games like Magic and the World of Warcraft TCG.  You would only need to buy multiple boosters if you want duplicate copies of certain cards to build a more balanced deck for tourney play.  While the LCG format makes it economically attractive, the simple and fun gameplay is the real gem of this game.
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PNG Bro-down, The Gencon Chronicles Ep2 – So Many Games, So Little Time

PNG Bro-down, The Gencon Chronicles 09 Ep2 – So Many Games, So little Time The crew sits down to talk about what we’ve been playing and who we’ve been talking to on the show floor in our second episode of … Continue reading