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I’m Apparently a Couple Weeks Late to This Party…

So the name of the picture file is WARCoW.PNG... can you Imagine: War Cowz?

After all of my griping about lack of board game news, I realize that I let this announcement from Fantasy Flight slip by me back on May 27th.  Apparently they announced a Warhammer Fantasy board game Called Chaos in the Old World for this fall.  I’ve become quite a fanboy of the Warhammer Universe as of late with the release of Warhammer Online and Dawn of War II so I will gobble up as much news as I possibly can.  You can find their first preview of Chaos in the Old World here.  It’s all about the Chaos army kids! 

Also, If there are any Warhammer Online players reading this, be aware that if you nab a first run copy of this game it will net you two dope in game items.  Take a look at the announcement link above for more details.

PNG Daily 4/9/09: Mad Crazy Respect…

Dave Arneson, 10/1/1947 - 4/7/2009

Dave Arneson, 10/1/1947 - 4/7/2009

It is a sad day.  My “Internet Sifter” blew up today with same news spanning different video and tabletop gaming sites.  Mr. Dave Arneson, one of the fathers of the tabletop RPG Dungeons & Dragons passed away Tuesday night.  As I said, pretty much every site I aggregate my news from had it but I’ll link you to Wizards press release here.  Rest in peace good sir, if it wasn’t for you and and the also deceased Gary Gygax, RPG games in every format wouldn’t quite be what they are today.

We press onward though with some other less sombre bits of daily news.

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PNG Daily 3/13/09: Game for Free Weekend!


Sure there’s probably plenty of news out there today, but today’s PNG Daily is all about a solid titles that you can play for free this weekend on PC to pass some time while your friends are playing RE 5.

Quake Live– I posted about this earlier this week and talked about it on the podcast.  It’s a free browser based version of Quake 3 that runs smoothly even on a netbook.

Unreal 3– Steam is letting you download and play the full title for free this weekend.  They also have it discounted to 40% off bringing the price to a grand total of $11.99 .  You just need to have an account on Steam (it’s free) and download it through the client. 

Warhammer Online– I posted this early in the week, but it should be here also.  Mythic is opening up the floodgates and letting you jump into the first teir of the game for 10 free days of PVP goodness. 

Battle Forge – This is supposed to be some crazy real time strategy and collectible card game hybrid.  It’s currently in open beta and you can download the client by clicking the link.  I’ll be giving this a shot this weekend. 

Orisinal Games– We talked about this on PNG Audiophile Episode 3 (The G-Unit is Waiting for You).  It’s a collection of browser based flash games that are as adorable as they are entertaining.

Enjoy your weekend!

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PNG Daily 3/11/09: It’s a Celebration!


Catalyst Game Labs has just announced that Shadowrun turned 20 years old.  Some of you will recognize Shadowrun as an average online multiplayer first person shooter that I believe was the first game to allow PC and console owners to duke it out.  The majority of the staff here know it as one of the big players in the tabletop RPG arena that is an amazing blend of cyberpunk and fantasy in a future dystopian setting.  Click the link above to see the goodies that Catalyst has planned to celebrate that includes a very special edition of the core rulebook.  Josh will be all over this.

Lots of news sites and blogs are reporting that Warhammer Online will be consolidating it’s servers but Giant Bomb goes a bit further by pulling an interesting quote from Mythic’s General Manager, Mark Jacobs.  I’ll agree with Giant Bomb in that the game probably needs it if the population is so spread out.  The game really does thrive when there are a decent amount of people running around to kill each other and do public quests.  I hope that Mr. Jacobs’ quote is wrong and that the game keeps going strong.  Let it be known though that they have opened up the free trial to people that are not fileplanet members while still leaving it capped a bit.  You only have access to the Tier 1 areas and capitol cities.  Give it a shot, you might like it!

So let me try this again.  In my PNG Daily post on monday, I made a complete mess of a sentence that was supposed to mention Resident Evil 5’s Mercenaries mode was confirmed to have online capability for the Xbox 360.  The intertubes are now reporting that trophies for the PS3 online modes have been leaked and Kotaku has the list here.  Capcom appears to be going all out with the online multiplayer for this game and I’m excited to see how it goes.  We also have word that some stores in the Cleveland area have been breaking street date on the title.  Calls to these rumored stores have not turned up any treasure as of yet.

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I saw this trial for Warhammer Online on Fileplanet last night when I was looking to see if there was some sort of new fangled patch for Call of Duty 4, but Kotaku ran with it in a way that I just have to agree with.  So Mythic, I know your game is good and so does everybody else that’s played it.  It was last reported that you have over 300,000 subscribers and that’s pretty awesome.  However, if you want a chunk of that 10 million subscriber base that the current overlord of all MMO’s has, you’re going to have to sweeten the pot a little bit.  Dust off a couple of those servers that you had when the game first launched for your initial 1 million subscribers and let everyone and their mother do crazy good PVP for a couple weeks for free.  You’re game is good and if you let people have that first taste for free, much like crack, they’ll come back for more.

In obscure card gaming news, I found a site that lets you play quite a few of Looney Labs games for free online.  They made games like FLUXX, Aquarius, Treehouse, and (one of my personal favorites) Are You a Werewolf.  This should not discourage you in any way from actually purchasing their games, as they are very good and nothing can replace sitting around with eight people and playing a game of Are You a Werewolf.

In site news, WordPress now allows comment threading.  This means you’ll be able to directly reply to another commentor and should make that section more readable.  The podcast is now listed in iTunes and Zune Marketplace but be aware that I have removed the most recent podcast for a few reasons.  First is the obvious terrible audio quality and second is how incredibly offensive it would seem to anybody that didn’t personally know us.  We’re still new at this and we have to realize that this isn’t just for us.  Many apologies!

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