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I saw this trial for Warhammer Online on Fileplanet last night when I was looking to see if there was some sort of new fangled patch for Call of Duty 4, but Kotaku ran with it in a way that I just have to agree with.  So Mythic, I know your game is good and so does everybody else that’s played it.  It was last reported that you have over 300,000 subscribers and that’s pretty awesome.  However, if you want a chunk of that 10 million subscriber base that the current overlord of all MMO’s has, you’re going to have to sweeten the pot a little bit.  Dust off a couple of those servers that you had when the game first launched for your initial 1 million subscribers and let everyone and their mother do crazy good PVP for a couple weeks for free.  You’re game is good and if you let people have that first taste for free, much like crack, they’ll come back for more.

In obscure card gaming news, I found a site that lets you play quite a few of Looney Labs games for free online.  They made games like FLUXX, Aquarius, Treehouse, and (one of my personal favorites) Are You a Werewolf.  This should not discourage you in any way from actually purchasing their games, as they are very good and nothing can replace sitting around with eight people and playing a game of Are You a Werewolf.

In site news, WordPress now allows comment threading.  This means you’ll be able to directly reply to another commentor and should make that section more readable.  The podcast is now listed in iTunes and Zune Marketplace but be aware that I have removed the most recent podcast for a few reasons.  First is the obvious terrible audio quality and second is how incredibly offensive it would seem to anybody that didn’t personally know us.  We’re still new at this and we have to realize that this isn’t just for us.  Many apologies!

Outtie 5k.