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PNG Audiophile: Sexual In-Your-End, Oh (We Are So Sorry)

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PNG Audiophile – Sexual In-Your-End, Oh (We Are So Sorry) Well guys, sometimes things just don’t turn out like you plan.  Take this episode of the Pixels andGrids Audiophile, for example.  We started out with the best of intentions, and … Continue reading

World of Goo is STEAM’s Crazy Weekend Sale


If you couldn’t justify spending $20 on World of Goo, boy does STEAM have a deal for you!  There is no way you can’t not buy this game for $5, and if you don’t, you hate freedom.  Pick it up in your STEAM client or you can buy it off of their website here.  I played the demo when it was released and immediately fell in love with the game.  I’ve been holding off on buying it as I’ve had so much other stuff to play, but this is a price that demands I pick it up now so I can play it later.  Jim did it with Prey and he’s still waiting!