PNG Bro-down Episode 28 – Finish the Fight… Alone

Don't get caught master chiefing.  It's like teabagging yourself, amirite?

PNG Bro-down Episode 28 – Finish the Fight… Alone

Well howdy, PNG fans!  It’s time for another episode of the Pixels & Grids Bro-down!  On today’s episode, we talk about Batman: Arkham Asylum, Shadow Complex, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, Mass Effect: Pinnacle Station, Pathfinder RPG, WET, Defense Grid: The Awakening, What’s Yours Like?, boxing the one eyed clown, no Halo in the library, and 360 price drops.  Hope you like talking about charming the cobra.  Enjoy!


2 responses to “PNG Bro-down Episode 28 – Finish the Fight… Alone

  1. Why is it that all the really interesting talks of 4E happen when I’m not there?!!?!

    Just to set a few things straight though. I respect that a few of you don’t like 4E for the reasons you do, however I disagree with you that it’s a bad game. Doesn’t make you wrong as I’m sure there’s more than a few people out there that feel the same way. The reason I decided to not support 4E anymore is completely different and, again, is probably shared by more than a few people. I like the game, I just dislike the way it’s being marketed and put out. This also, while you may disagree with it, is not wrong.

    So when I did the interview with Derek Guder, I expressed my reason for not supporting the game, and since I don’t agree with it being a bad game, did not bring that up. Derek has expressed his interest in sitting in on another podcast if our paths cross again, but I’m sure I can probably set up a Skype call if any of you gentlemen would like to discuss the “right” reason for not liking 4E with him. 😛

    Bros 4 life. Outtie 5k bitches!

  2. Hello, I have a blog called would you like to do a link exchange? If so please contact me thanks Milton Luban

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