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PNG Audiophile: Real People Are Amazing

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PNG Audiophile – Real People Are Amazing Hello there, PNG fans! The full team’s back together this week to chat it up about OnLive, Vin Diesel, death threats, DSi, and fetish grids. Click the link to download the MP3 directly, … Continue reading

PS3 up in your Grill

This would make me buy a PS3

This would make me buy a PS3

I think the time has come for Sony to seriously step up to the plate and start giving consumers a reason to buy the PS3.  Yes the Blu-Ray player has a good chunk of the market interested when it comes time to choose a console, or pick up a second/third, but as a game system first and foremost Sony needs to deliver.

Gone are the days of one system having more than 50+ system exclusives within its first year and that seems apparent as Sony has only a handful with the likes of Metal Gear, Resistance 1 and 2, MotorStorm, MotorStorm Pacific Rift, Gran Turismo, Little Big Planet, Uncharted, and lest we forget Killzone (which most of the PS2 community did since there hasn’t been a sequel in almost 4 years)  It’s going on year 3 and those listed above give or take a few I may have missed, are pretty much it.  Where is the reason to buy a $400 system there? Continue reading


PNG Audiophile: The G-Unit is Waiting for You

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PNG talks about what we’ve been playing, Microsoft laying down the banhammer, and The Guinness Book of World Records’ list of most influential console games.  Logan shares his love for Orisinal games which we borrow one of the game’s music … Continue reading

PNG Editorial: Resident Evil 5 Hullabaloo!

Sifting through website upon website of gaming news, listening to podcast after podcast, and reading comment after comment on forums, one thing has become painfully apparent.

People do not seem to be picking up what Resident Evil 5 is putting down.

Most of these opinions are of course based off of the recent Japanese and American demos that were put up on PSN and Xbox Live. The general complaint is the controls, but more specifically Mr. Redfield’s inability to move and shoot at the same time. From as far as I can remember, this has been a complaint for every single core RE game and they have all went on to be absurdly successful games despite the controls issue.

So what is it about RE 5 exactly that has made all sorts of journalists, bloggers, and forum posters go nuts? What has changed from 1996 when the first RE on Playstation released? Or even more recently, 2005 when RE 4 came out for the Gamecube and was lauded by most as the game of the year?
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Know About It! Skate 2 Review






Publisher:  Electronic Arts
Developer:  EA Black Box
MSRP: $59.99

Grade:  B+





Before we proceed, there’s a short test.

1. When pushing mongo, you’re…
     A. keeping your back foot on the board, while using your front foot to gain momentum.
     B. shoving that fat kid out of your line.
     C. “taking it to the limit!”
     D. obviously new to skateboarding.

2. Which trick is “sick”?
     A. 360 flip to crooked grind
     B. quadruple back flip
     C. Triple heelflip to manual to 50-50 to manual to 180 varial flip to manual to benihana
     D. Coffin down a really steep hill.

3. The best skateboarding video game you’ve played is…
     A. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1-3
     B. Skate-or-Die
     C. Tony Hawk’s any other trash
     D. Skate

Ok now, let’s see how you did.
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