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PNG Audiophile: Those Poor Horses

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PNG Audiophile – Those Poor Horses Happy Friday, everyone!  On today’s moderately rambling podcast, we talk about the dubious origins of the pegasus, Left 4 Dead’s Survival pack, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, UFC 2009, Dead Space, … Continue reading

png daily 4/7/09: the new hotness


So we all know about that hot new DSi selling out all over the world.  But what if I told you that Sony is striking back with a hot new PSP due out by Christmas?  Looking at the screens above, your reaction should range somewhere between “I payed $170 for the redesigned same old crap,” and “thank God Nintendo failed to dupe me for the eleventeenthed time.”  You see, allegedly Pocket Gamer totally knows a PSP developer working on the above masterpiece.  The new hotness comes complete with a sliding touch screen and the standard button layout of the current PSP’s including D-Pad, face buttons, start and select buttons, and analog…. sticks?  Wait, is that another analog stick?  Holy crap on a pita, it is!  Thank the maker!  No word yet on if this is a yet-another redisign (PSP 4000) or a completely new system with it’s own offering of upcoming titles (PSP 2?).  With the addition of a second analog stick, conventional wisdom would assume that this would be a system that would need to have it’s own games going forward as any PSP game designed with two sticks in mind would automatically exclude every other PSP that has come out since launch.  However, nothing (except additional development costs) would stop a potential new PSP from being backwards compatible. 

What has potentially been the most controversial bit of DLC to have ever been released has seen the light of day today in the form of Resident Evil 5 versus mode.  Did you buy a copy of RE5?  Do you have 5 bucks to waste?  Do you have bad taste?  Well race on over to XBOX Live or PSN and grab an update that could have been available from day one.  Just know that you could have had a Subway footlong.  Just sayin’.

Apparently our resident PNG cult hero Tim Schafer doesn’t care if you buy his game(s).  Much like I have in the past, Tim feels we focus too heavily on sales.  Well, while we will always respect the opinions of he who commands respect, let it be said and let it be written that we, Pixels and Grids Staff, overseers of all that is fair and just in the world, do indeed care that you help us keep this woefully underrated genius employed and afloat.  Tim, we love you.  I personally would love to raise your baby.  However, your assumption that “as long as you make a cool game, publishers want to talk to you” is as naive as it is false.  Publishers want money.  In related news, the sky is blue.  We will choose not to argue with our local demi-god of choice and instead try to become more solutions oriented.  Please join the staff of PNG as we kick off our year of the Schafer tribute.  Participate, or feel shame .


PNG Audiophile: Real People Are Amazing

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PNG Audiophile – Real People Are Amazing Hello there, PNG fans! The full team’s back together this week to chat it up about OnLive, Vin Diesel, death threats, DSi, and fetish grids. Click the link to download the MP3 directly, … Continue reading

PNG Daily 3/19/09: In Diesel We Trust

Yo girl, let me get dat gamertag...

Yo girl, let me get dat gamertag...

Here at PNG, we just don’t know how to let our obsession with celebrity created or backed video games go.  We ranted and raved about 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, and we have yet to fully begin our massive marketing push for Chronicles of Riddick:  Assault on Dark Athena.  Much like Mr. Cent, Vin’s got your back when it comes to punching and stabbing your friends online.  Check out 1up’s article here about how he let Starbreeze know what’s up.

As my “internet sifter” has been most unkind with grids news, you’ll have to settle for some digital grids information.  1Up has a post up giving the low down on Hasbro Family Game Night that hit Xbox Live on Wednesday with a ballsy catch.  The shell can be downloaded for free, but each of the four games it launched with cost $10 a piece (800 MS points).  It seems to have struck a nerve with our fellow bloggers out there as there as it seems a bit much to be charging for Yahtzee.  However, if these games support online play, it’s way better than spending the $5 – $8 on their board or card counter parts just to have it sit in a closet most of the time.

Kotaku has some numbers out for Resident Evil 5’s sales numbers out in Europe over the weekend.  Apparently Bono is going to be pissed.

Speaking of numbers and on a completely unrelated note, I think Duke Nukem Forever is coming out this year.

Outtie 5k

png daily 3/16/09: I’ll give you something to cry about


Once again, James has left me at the helm and I have promised to deliver us safely through the night.   So all hands on deck, batten down the hatches, and tighten the mizzenmast, because its going to be a ride.

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Scandal! Logan Persons a Sell Out?

Those god damn paparazzi

Highly placed and reliable sources have confirmed that PNG’s own Logan Persons has indeed purchased a copy of Resident Evil 5. When asked why he made said purchase he responded “I want to play what everyone else is playing.”

This is, in fact, the same Logan Persons that could be heard hemming and hawing everytime said Resident Evil game is brought up in every single PNG podcast. In fact, if any of you have purchased a recent game from Capcom he definitely had very derogatory things to say about you and many of your closest loved ones.

However, that has not stopped him from spending his hard earned $60 for a game that has, until recently, received nothing but his scorn. Coincidentally, that $60 is the same EXACT price of Mr. Persons’ soul. Logan Persons is hereby and for all eternity a sell out.


PNG Audiophile: These Horses Have Armor

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Check out the one piece of DLC you’ll never regret downloading – the Pixels and Grids Audiophile! Today we talk a bit about Resident Evil 5, Bioshock 2, Left 4 Dead, The Lost and Damned, and have a round table … Continue reading

PNG Daily 3/12/09: Midnight Madness!


While the majority of you may be out purchasing your copies of Resident Evil 5 at various retailers tonight, three of us will be working hard to bring you your weekly fix of PNG Audiophile.  I’m packing this daily with lots of RE flavor and a dash of grids at the end.

Capcom is making my brain boil.  The DLC that was announced for Resident Evil 5 that adds various multiplayer modes will be released in few weeks per Kotaku and other reliable sources.  That’s fairly sweet to be putting out new content for a game so soon after it’s release.  It’s kind of like how Lionhead Studios added the multiplayer patch on day one to Fable II for free.
Well… almost, kind of, sort of like that.
Capcom actually wants to charge you $5 for content that probably should have been on the disc in the first place or else released as a free update.  They should probably learn a thing or two from Valve and Lionhead Studios.

Capcom’s big Resident Evil reveals that they had hinted at for Wii owners earlier in the week are detailed at Joystiq here.  It looks like a sequel to Umbrella Chronicles and ports of the Gamecube games Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0.

The feeds have been kind quiet as of late with grids news.  Days of Wonder launched the official site for Small World where you can find all sorts of info on gameplay and a link to their store to preorder the game.  It looks like it’s due to ship out around May 5th.  You’ll see where PNG linked to some information about it back in our very first Daily post.

My how you’ve grown into such a strapping young lad PNG Daily.  You’re mother is so proud of you.

Outtie 5k.

PNG Daily 3/11/09: It’s a Celebration!


Catalyst Game Labs has just announced that Shadowrun turned 20 years old.  Some of you will recognize Shadowrun as an average online multiplayer first person shooter that I believe was the first game to allow PC and console owners to duke it out.  The majority of the staff here know it as one of the big players in the tabletop RPG arena that is an amazing blend of cyberpunk and fantasy in a future dystopian setting.  Click the link above to see the goodies that Catalyst has planned to celebrate that includes a very special edition of the core rulebook.  Josh will be all over this.

Lots of news sites and blogs are reporting that Warhammer Online will be consolidating it’s servers but Giant Bomb goes a bit further by pulling an interesting quote from Mythic’s General Manager, Mark Jacobs.  I’ll agree with Giant Bomb in that the game probably needs it if the population is so spread out.  The game really does thrive when there are a decent amount of people running around to kill each other and do public quests.  I hope that Mr. Jacobs’ quote is wrong and that the game keeps going strong.  Let it be known though that they have opened up the free trial to people that are not fileplanet members while still leaving it capped a bit.  You only have access to the Tier 1 areas and capitol cities.  Give it a shot, you might like it!

So let me try this again.  In my PNG Daily post on monday, I made a complete mess of a sentence that was supposed to mention Resident Evil 5’s Mercenaries mode was confirmed to have online capability for the Xbox 360.  The intertubes are now reporting that trophies for the PS3 online modes have been leaked and Kotaku has the list here.  Capcom appears to be going all out with the online multiplayer for this game and I’m excited to see how it goes.  We also have word that some stores in the Cleveland area have been breaking street date on the title.  Calls to these rumored stores have not turned up any treasure as of yet.

Outtie 5k.