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First Impressions – Warhammer: Chaos in the Old World

CitOWBox.jpgWhen I had first heard about Warhammer: Chaos in the Old World, I was knee deep in the Warhammer Fantasy thanks to Warhammer Online.  Logan and I were agents of Chaos in this venerable franchise’s first foray into MMO’s and it felt good to be evil.  Imagine my glee when I heard that Fantasy Flight Games announced Chaos in the Old World, where you play one of the four gods of Chaos vying for control of some of the very lands my character was roaming in Warhammer Online.  While the previews that Fantasy Flight had on their blog were able to satiate my desire a little to play this game, the month of September felt too far away to get my hands on it.  Luckily, the game was being demoed and sold early at Gencon ‘09 and I was able to score a copy.  Shortly afterwards Dave, Logan, and I sat down to take up the mantles of Tzeentch, Khorne, and Nurgle.  Impressions after the jump.

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First Impressions: UFC 2009 Undisputed


I hate your face.  Yup, you.  At any given time if I see you walking down the street, rest assured I am fantasizing about defiling your cranium in fantastically diabolical ways.  I would ruin your face with my unrelenting anger.  However, I never do as consequences and repercussions forbid me from doing so.  Thankfully the best possible outlet to vent my hostilities has been bestowed upon my XBOX 360 (also coming to the PS3) and it’s name is UFC 2009: Undisputed.  And, while your face remains safe, Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell’s and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua’s have been wrecked over and over again. 

Follow me into the break for a description of the destruction.

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First Impressions: Wheelman Demo Review


Last week we got a double dose of Diesel on Xbox Live and man were we pumped here at PNG.  Jeff definitely piqued my interest during our last Audiophile when he compared it to Burnout with a story.  As I fell deeply in love with Burnout Paradise, I couldn’t see anything wrong with giving the demo a shot.  After all, it is free.

After playing the 3 missions they give you in the demo, I can say three words enthusiastically.  Play this now.
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First Impressions: Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena DEMO Review


Earlier today, or yesterday depending on your timezone, the demo Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena debuted on Xbox Live.  I took the opportunity to give it a once through and take a few notes about  my impressions of the very short demo.  I won’t bother putting a spoiler warning, because it’s a ten minute demo.  Nevermind that I think I just did with that remark.

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So Who Did it Wrong?


In our dedicated pursuit to keep you educated and free of misinformation, including our own, we bring you some updates and addendums to the last, supremely awesome podcast.

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The Soap Box: PNG vs. Matt Jones

It's made of people.

It's made of people.

PNG will show that blood means nothing in the world of gaming podcasts as we take on my very own brother in this edition of The Soap Box.  Matt calls out Jim Bradford for his distaste for the recent HAWX demo and brings up some valid points nestled deep within his proclamation of professional aptitude that was bestowed upon him from playing the demo.

“Although not the best game I’ve ever played I have to disagree on the Hawx review.

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PNG Poll: We Need to Knock Dave Down a Peg

Download the podcast here and have at it!


PNG Audiophile: The G-Unit is Waiting for You

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PNG talks about what we’ve been playing, Microsoft laying down the banhammer, and The Guinness Book of World Records’ list of most influential console games.  Logan shares his love for Orisinal games which we borrow one of the game’s music … Continue reading

The Soap Box: PNG vs. Jessica Abramovich… FIGHT!

It's made of people.

It's made of people.

I read through every comment that gets put on this site by visitors.  I mean, we’re so new I really have nothing else to do besides scour for news and stroke my own ego over page views.  It was stumbling upon a rather long comment under our last Audiophile post that I came up with an idea, and that was to let you guys tell us what’s up and call us out in the big lights.  One such commenter, Jessica Abramovich, did not like what some of us thought about Street Fighter IV and sounded off about it.  Hit the jump to read the full comment.

” That was very entertaining btw. I just had one issue with your podcast. You guys said that you were a little disappointed that SFIV didn’t change enough from the other street fighters. But, I’m guessing that none of you played it enough to realize what they did change.
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First Impressions: Star Wars Saga Edition

My suits so tight!

My suit's so tight!

Star Wars Saga Edition is the third edition of the tabletop RPG released under Wizards of the Coast since 2000.  First thing you’ll notice about this book is that it is square and will be dwarfed by all of your other tomes on your gaming shelf.  I have to give kudos for being bold with the shape of the book as it makes it a little more intriguing than they typical rectangular books, but I have to wag my finger at the fact they reused a lot of the art from previous editions.   That however, is one of only the few transgressions I could find reading through this rulebook.
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